Horse Shopping Day 2

What a day!  We were to catch the 8 am shuttle to get to the Dallas airport. Since we had no luggage, I figured arriving 90 minutes early would give us plenty of time to catch our 9:40 flight to Reno. Something happened to the shuttle and it arrived at 8:45 instead. We were cutting it close. Once aboard, we thought we would head directly to the airport, but no, we stopped at 4 more hotels. At each one, the driver would leisurely get, let the passenger in, load the luggage , then go into the hotel to check in. Geez.

Finally, at 9 am we were headed to the airport. I was playing it cool, assuring the guys we were fine. I’m not sure when the nervous tic started.  We dropped off a passenger at a different terminal and arrived at our terminal around 9:15. Boarding for our flight started at 9:20.

Luckily the security line was not too long. Unluckily, of the two TSA guys checking ID, one was with a family of five, on the phone. Still we moved along. We were two people away from our turn when a family of 4 arrived in the priority line. Then I made it through. Then more priority passengers ahead of Juma and Juan. I indicted I would meet them at the plane. The last boarding group was getting on when the guys came running. Nothing like a little exercise.

Once in Reno, we headed to Washoe Lake State Park where we were to meet the horse and owner. We had one hour, then had to get back to the airport for our flight back. In that hour Juma and Juan saw the horse walk and trot out, work at liberty in the arena. Juma took the horse for a shot ride to check the heart rate (lucky guy got to ride), then Juan performed a flexion test.

The guys were happy to see the Sierra Nevada range, and I assured them Lake Tahoe was just on the other side of the mountain. It was fun to show them the trails at Washoe. The hills are pretty impressive.

Our flight home was not non-stop. We had to fly to LAX where we had a 40 minutes to take the bus to another terminal. And our flight to L.A. was late! Juma thought out next flight was at 4:14, but it was really 4:40. He was sure we had already missed the flight before we landed.

Now we are on the plane, headed back to Dallas. Tomorrow we will make the 2 hour drive back to Mt. Pleasant to watch the 50 mile horses start. After the race we head towards Houston to make two more stops to look at horses. And onward!

Becky Hart

Happy Halloween from the Road

A few weeks ago my friend Juma Punti Dachs called to see if I would take him on a shopping trip. Now shopping is one of my least favorite things to do, but this was different. He wanted to go horse shopping. That changes everything. Juma is from Spain and his wife, Maria, is aContinue Reading