Monthly Archives: September 2014

Bottoms Up (The Saddle Saga Continues…)

[Click here to read Part I of the Becky Hart Saddle Saga] After swapping out the cute pink saddle, Carmi Weininger suggested I try the endurance model. What a concept! Back in 2013, in England, I had ridden in Valerie Kanavy’s Reactor Panel® saddle, and had found it to be very comfortable. But, I hadContinue Reading

The New Saddle Saga…Or Which ReactorPanel Saddle Will be JUUST Right

Looking for a new saddle, after years of riding in the same saddle, gives one the feeling of being, well, just a bit unfaithful. After all, what was so wrong with my saddle of the past 20 years? Why now, after all this time together, am I thinking about something different to cradle my rearContinue Reading