On the Way to Desert Classic

desertTravel Log, October 23 2013 – Early this morning we began our road trip to Desert Classic.  Judith and I took turns driving the trailer with Mia and Sarge in tow. We made good progress throughout the day, and a few hours after sundown we reached Quartz, Arizona, where we would rest for the night. It would give us and the horses a welcome break and a chance to relax too. We pulled up, got everybody settled in and went to sleep.

Next morning, the daylight revealed an interesting fact about the park’s demographic. It turned out the place we stayed was an RV park for people over 55. Luckily, we qualified. All these old people came over in the morning to see the horses. Many of them  sold their homes and are living there for the winter in their RVs then they travel in the summer. One guy was a cowboy from near Monterey. One lady wanted to pet Mia, but whenever the horse moved she would jump behind me and grab my waist.

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